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Meritocracy: Origins, Myth, Reality and Alternatives (July 2021)
Collective 20 interviews Professor Jo Littler from University of London where she
challenges key concepts in meritocracy such as 'equality of opportunity' and the 
'level playing field'.  She argues that meritocracy provides a justification for 
capitalism and actually contributes to expanding to inequalities.
15 Theses on Liberation (May 2021)
Modified from episode 120 of the podcast Revolution Z, this essay offers 15 theses 
centering on the liberation of humanity from oppressive insanity.  They begin with 
vision, then move onto strategy and insights relevant to winning the ultimate aims.
Management: Past, Present and Future? (April 2021)
In this interview, with Professor Martin Parker from Britain's Bristol University, 
we hear about the perhaps surprising link between business school curricula and 
Left vision and strategy, and how, in fact, this link is essential to achieving 
progressive change.
Crazy Little Thing Called Work (March 2021)
Our existing understanding of 'work', and the misery it inflicts on millions of 
workers across the globe, seems to be an inevitable consequence of capitalism.  But 
non-reformist reforms and alternatives to capitalism show us we can reimagine the 
notion of 'work'.
The Future of State Politics (February 2021)
The revolutionary Left is divided over the strategic use of the state but getting 
beyond these divisions is essential is the Left is to make any significant gains.
Overcoming Our Suicidal Tendencies (January 2021)
The grievances If the left is to represent a genuine alternative to the status quo 
then we need to know what that alternative could look like, not just at the
institutional boundary but also at the human centre.
Voters’ Motives and Left Agendas (December 2020)
The grievances of voters, whether for Trump or Biden, are real and pressing.
It is time the Left focused on addressing those grievances rather than on 
a battle of ridicule and condemnation.
Iraq War Logs, War on Whistleblowers, A Decade of WikiLeaks (December 2020)
Ten years on from the publication of the Iraq War Logs, we examine the impact of 
WikiLeaks and whistleblowers on US foreign policy and the importance of this work 
in the years ahead, regardless of who occupies the White House.
What Next (November 2020)
In the aftermath of the US Presidential election, what happens next is crucial.  
Battling Biden, by demanding progressive Cabinet appointments and various 
progressive aims, is the most obvious first step.  Following that, more profound 
change can only be won if left movements join forces in collective organizing to 
create The Left Bloc.
Transforming the Corporate System, One Step at a Time (November 2020)
The corporation is an integral component of the capitalist system, wielding power 
that has far-reaching and negative consequences for societies and the environment.  
But we already have the means to transform these institutions into entities that 
serve people and protect our planet.
From 2000 Feet (November 2020)
Healthcare work is crucial in our society, even more so in times of crises and 
pandemics.  Even so, healthcare workers, who are mainly women, are severely 
undervalued and military flyovers of fighter jets do not compensate for low wages 
and poor  working conditions.
Culture Makes Us Human (October 2020)
Amidst the turmoil and growing uncertainty in our modern world, it would be easy
to push culture aside as irrelevant.  Yet, culture is intrinsic to the human
experience and far from being irrelevant, it may play an important role in how we 
manage future crises and collective trauma.
The Psychosis of Whiteness (October 2020)
Collective 20 interviews the director of the film The Psychosis of Whiteness
which examines society's perceptions of race and racism.
Is Socialism a Failed Idea? (September 2020)
Challenging the position that socialism is a failed idea and pointing out the 
irrationality of free-market proponents who ignore alternative economic models, 
just so they can draw ideologically convenient conclusions.
Greenwashing Capitalism Won’t Heal the Planet (September 2020)
Governments and political leaders across the world still do not get it: if they 
continue to downplay the urgency of our situation, they are risking our survival.
Interview with Mary Wareham, Campaign to Stop Killer Robots (September 2020)
Exclusive Collective 20 interview with Mary Wareham, advocacy director of the Arms 
Division at Human Rights Watch (HRW) and global coordinator of the Campaign to 
Stop Killer Robots.
Live Like Them (August 2020)
Some ideas about how we can support the brave professional athletes who are taking 
a stand in the fight for racial justice.
Freedom, Responsibility and Alienation (August 2020)
Our societal institutions, even those considered benign, can violate our freedom 
and create alienation.  But they can be organized in alternative ways that respect 
our freedom and our responsibility to respect the freedom of others.
Raise, Don’t Stabilize and Don’t Reduce Social Costs (August 2020)
If our activism and demonstrations are to win change, we must ensure that the 
social costs for the elites are not stabilized or reduced, but instead are raised 
as high as we can push.
Dump Trump then Combat Biden  (July 2020)
Offering a strategy to unite the Left in the upcoming US presidential elections.
What would the NHS look like if it took health promotion seriously? (July 2020)
The workplace hierarchy that exists in the British National Health Service in 
itself is a barrier to good health and well-being; rather, horizontal structures 
are possible.
It's the economy stupid! Or is it the stupid economy? (July 2020)
Coming out of lockdown doesn't have to mean recession and austerity; we should use 
this time to demand an alternative economy that puts people and the planet front 
and centre.
Tomorrow's World, Today (June 2020)
From the outrage at the murder of George Floyd, we can organise and unite in the 
present moment under values and vision for a better world.
Gearing Up or Dying Down (June 2020)
Left movements rise and inevitably fall and the obstacles to survival are the same 
in almost all cases. Being aware of these obstacles means they can be avoided; 
avoiding them means that movements can gear up but not die down.
'Movement Moments' to Change, the Red Summer to Black Lives Matter (June 2020)
The travesty of George Floyd's murder has sparked a movement moment but can it 
lead to the change that is needed for African Americans and people of color