Mission Statement

Born May 1, 2020
Collective 20 Lives to Write and Writes to Live

Collective 20 is an anti capitalist, feminist, anti-racist, pro-eco participatory socialist activist/writer whose primary focus is to convey information, analysis, vision, and strategy that contributes to prospects and methods of fundamental social change.

Collective 20 emerged from the challenges of physical isolation and despair during the coronavirus crisis, as a deeply felt need to work collectively to put forth ideas that would be more creative and original and have more range and depth than our individual writings.

Collective 20’s political perspective is multifaceted, reflecting the diversity of its membership. But Collective 20’s political perspective is also broadly unified, reflecting the aspirations of its membership.

Collective 20 will write about economy, polity, sexuality, gender identity, culture, ecology, and international relations. It will write about events, movements, organizations, policies, and campaigns in many countries. But it knows all its subjects influence and are influenced by one another, and it will, whenever possible, try to draw lessons reflecting and explicating their intersections.

Collective 20’s political perspective, though multi-faceted and diverse is at the same time unanimously revolutionary. Collective 20 aims to explain the past and present with the primary intent of better envisioning and understanding a revolutionized future and finding effective means to attain it.

Collective 20’s desired future includes eliminating class division and class rule, political authoritarianism, sexism, heterosexism, racism, war, ecological unsustainability, and indeed all forms of subjugation and denial. Or, more positively, Collective 20 seeks a world in which people collectively and equitably self manage their economic, political, sexual, familial, community, and cultural interrelations, with solidarity, empathy, diversity, and ecological stewardship.

Collective 20 emerges from a time of crisis and confinement but seeks a time of peace, justice, liberation, solidarity, and collectivity.

With the above aims our Collective 20 Web Site intends to convey Collective 20’s work and facilitate extensions, discussions, debates, and other modes of sharing the resulting ideas and plans.

To that end this website has sections for articles including dissents, interviews, debates, and letters to and replies from Collective 20.